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Every now and then I find myself reflecting on experiences in the past which helped me grow on my journey. I was thinking about how much us humanoids have a tendency to accumulate things. Thus, the “need” to have something. Some say you can’t get enough land, others collect knick-knacks from buttons to automobiles, and yet some people do anything to acquire more money in any way, shape, or form. What are they looking for? Security? Safety?

A couple of years ago an MRI discovered “something” in my colon. Around 45 minutes after the MRI, in the time it took me to drive back to work and be working for a little while, a nurse calls me on my cell phone requesting me to see the doctor ASAP after seeing the MRI scan. (GULP!) I drop everything and GO!

During the next thirty minutes or so it seemed like all of my past experiences, in this lifetime, flashed before my eyeballs. Every situation, person, object, possessions. I mean everything. Any grudges I still have (like with my brother since the spring of 2016), the extra, unused clothes in my closet, my ‘favorite’ knick-knacks, some of my cherished wood carvings/sculptures, the rude coworker I put up with, my wallet, how recent is my cell phone….all of these ‘meaningful’ things/situations/objects turned into blah, blah, blah….they had no meaning at all. Instantaneously! What became important for me was self-love. And not in an egotistical way. Self-love as in accepting and being grateful for the opportunity to be who I am. A loving child of Source.


Within thirty minutes, between leaving work, driving, and the doctor entering the room– I had Let Go of the 3D world. All of the ‘importance’ of anything and everything didn’t mean anything to me anymore.
Thirty minutes later the doctor walks into the exam room and pulls up the MRI results onto the screen. “This is an infection”, stated the doctor, “and we’re afraid it could turn into colitis. I’ll give you antibiotics to take of it for 10 days. You should schedule a colonoscopy ASAP.”

I didn’t come out of that exam room bummed out and beating myself up over the symptoms. Instead, I knew from my energy training, I was safe and could get this handled. The doctor said the MRI Tech made a comment that he was surprised I noticed the infection going on in my colon when the infection was in its very early stages. I attribute that to all of the self-management energy training I’ve been partaking in since March of 2016. Six weeks later (the earliest available time I could get a colonoscopy scheduled) the test results were clean as a whistle.

“See you in another ten years”‘ said the doctor.

It’s those last five minutes of that thirty minute travel period I recall the feelings of—-importance morphing into unimportance, neediness morphing into neutrality, which morphed into allowing myself to feel LOVE increasing the more I Let Go and Surrendered. I felt light as a feather (even lighter, if possible) by the time I parked in the underground structure, took the elevator to the 2nd floor, and viewed the MRI results. And I discovered waves of compassion filling my Heart for Everything. I totally let go and gave everything to Source. And all of this happened from within my Heart. Not just thinking about it all, but Feeling everything.

Thank you for letting me share.