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FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL…is what each letter from the word ‘FEAR’ really stands for. This acronym was introduced to myself and 14 others during a fire walking workshop back in the early 1980’s. There I was, standing barefoot in snow, in front of a 3 foot wide path that’s a good 6 footsteps long, with burning coals from a 2 hour bonfire (which took place during an outdoor, evening, winter workshop). I was instructed to stand before the path of burning embers and say to myself, “I’m going to walk on fire now.” And then pay attention to how my body feels. If it’s totally relaxed then that was a good sign to go for it. I was relaxed everywhere except my butt cheeks. They were puckered and tight. What can I say? So since I wasn’t totally relaxed, I elected to step aside and, following the advice of the fire walking instructor, wait another turn. I didn’t want to take a chance and go for it anyway with only something going wrong and then have to end up eating God awful hospital food for days on end.

When my 2nd turn did come I said to myself, “I’m going to walk on fire now.” Body check….. I had happy, relaxed butt cheeks so forward I went! Walking across that path of burning embers unscathed really messed with my belief system. Yet it showed me physically things we’re brought up to believe in aren’t necessarily so. There are alternatives, or choices, in everything presented to us on our journey.

It’s been my experience that fear happens because we don’t know what the future will hold. We want control of what’s going to happen, we want to know what the outcome is. “Going with the flow” is pretty to say, but out of the question when it comes to actually applying it. Then we start with, what I call, the ‘brain noise’ and imagine all sorts of creative stuff to support the fear of not knowing.

I’m going to lay something on you: ‘Fear of not knowing’ is a conditioned/learned pattern. ‘Not knowing’ is a natural condition. It’s our birth right. We’re not meant to know what is going to happen next. Did you ever think about that? And out of ‘not knowing what’s next’, and just plain accepting that fact, you can’t help but to accept the given moment in front of you and pay attention to only that. You want to talk about miracles? Moment to moment…is where all the miracles you could ever need are. ‘Moment to moment’ takes your head out of thinking about the immediate future or past. It pauses the ‘brain noise’. It’s being present. And when you’re present you’re able to discern your next move based from your Heart’s energy/wisdom (or instinct, or gut feeling, or intuition, or higher self, or God Force or..or….or whatever you want to call it) and NOT what others think you should do. It takes a bit of discipline but can be achieved. ‘Not knowing’ naturally produces a fear within the mind/ego. As stated before, it wants to control everything.I have to remember that control equals restriction, not happiness/freedom. To want to know is NOT Heart based. I suggest it’s specialness from the ego.

Now maybe a situation happened in the past and you can’t help but think it will repeat itself in the future. How do you ‘know’ it will? Your ego is playing with you. All of that anticipated anxiety and fear is that brain noise I mentioned earlier. Smoke screens. To divert your attention from that moment live in the moment with feelings from your heart, and abolish the fear. Or at least put it on “pause”….

With Respect and Love,