Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Energy Practitioner?

An Energy Practitioner reads a person’s energy field and assists in identifying any energy blockages they may be experiencing in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual realm. Energy Practitioners may also combine their talents with other energy modalities, such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, polarity therapy, reiki….the list goes on.

Do you need special talents to read energy?

NO! Anyone can learn to read energy. It’s our innate ability to do so. It takes practice and the willingness to dive deep down the rabbit hole, past the collective programming you were raised to believe in (all answers are “out there”), and learn to come from your Heart, the gateway to the Divine.

What is a Remote Session?

Energy has no boundaries or limits. Energy is constantly changing and reaches everywhere. The Energy Practitioner and participant don’t have to be at the same place during the session in order for energies to be read and the remote session to be effective.

What is a Remote Energy Clearing?

Remote Energy Clearings, or in some circles known as Etheric Surgery, are remote energy sessions with the purpose of the Energy Practitioner identifying and clearing energetic blocks in a person’s field. The removing of potential external energies and entities can occur as well.

Does it hurt when having a Remote Energy Clearing?

It depends on one’s definition of hurt. Physically harm you? No. Can it possibly dig up some deep rooted emotions/experiences that are unpleasant? You bet. In order to heal you need to feel. Physical and mental symptoms vary for individuals since all of us are on our own journeys. Experiencing deep rooted and stored unpleasant emotions can be very releasing and healing in their own right, plus enabling you to recover your True Self and rediscover your own energies to use for your highest good.

What do mean when you mention your True Self?

Simply put, the True Self equals the inner divinity within the Heart. The plain fact is everyone is born with a True Self. From the first day of birth all of us are programmed to think, feel, and express ourselves they way others (parents, teachers, friends, relatives…. known as The Collective) think we should behave. Layers and layers of all of these “teachings” are instilled in us as we grow, piling on top of, and covering, our True Self and before we know it we’re living other’s perceived lives and not expressing our own. THE GOOD NEWS is our True Self is eternal and unchanged by those daily thoughts, actions, emotions, and circumstances. It is always there regardless of all of the programming we grew up with. The trick is to unlearn the programming and eventually start acknowledging and connecting with our True Self through our Heart. Connecting with our True Self is basically the purpose of one’s journey and self transformation. Working through our Heart we can communicate with our inner guidance and learn how to discern truth and discover our highest potential. In time, as we reconnect with our True Self, we begin to get more clarity and actually communicate with it so we can begin to integrate and heal.

Is this type of energy therapy related to any religion or cult?

No! This is nondenominational and doesn’t require you to “join” anything. If any Energy Practitioner says you have to join something, or “follow” them…RUN the other way. Teachers of Energy should encourage you to discover your own potential, via your Heart/True Self, and NOT have to rely on others and externalize your (Divine given) innate abilities.

What is a transmission?

TransMISSIONS are remote energy sessions in which the frequency of your personal energy field is sped up to remove, heal or initiate inner processes that are creating energy blockages which inhibit the optimal flow of energy in any area of your life and, in time, improve energetic perception. It opens the door to the deeper workings of your consciousness and teaches one to actively engage with their own innate self-healing abilities. TransMISSION work is designed for participants to internalize their experiences and bring those experiences into the 3D world, thus engaging in their own energy process. An Energy Practitioner helps establish an energy field that provides a safe and secure environment during the transMISSION so participants may explore those deeper aspects within. TransMISSIONS are not affiliated with any type of religion, thus allowing one to continue their spiritual preference and support having deeper experiences.

A transMISSION session is typically 60 min long and scheduled at an agreed upon time between myself and the participant. I send out instructions ahead of time of your session which explains how to properly prepare for the transMISSION. I follow up your transMISSION with a written report of what was noticed in your energy field with suggestions as to where to go from there. For many participants, this kind of inner work marks the beginning of a new way of perceiving themselves, connecting with their inner guidance and actively manifesting their self-healing abilities.

How can I participate in the Self Healing Prayer Circle if I feel myself, or a loved one, needs support?

Send an email to and make your request. I’ll get back to you in a timely manner. Self Healing Prayer Circles are held on the last Monday evening of every month (USA-7PM PST). At least a couple of days notice is usually required to schedule you in the session. This service is in conjunction with a sister website The Heart’s Path.

Does the Self healing Prayer Circle cost anything to participate?

The Self Healing Prayer Circle is a free service.

What type of payments are acceptable for your other services?

At this time Paypal only. If you haven’t signed up with Paypal then consider it. It’s very convenient to use in conjunction with your bank account or credit card.