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Fellow Souls, as of this writing, we are currently experiencing global panic. The circumstances surrounding the coronavirus are in the news, the latest topic of conversations and in our minds. People are stockpiling various supplies. Anything from canned goods to household items are leaving the shelves of stores. Many are conjuring in their minds end of the world scenarios.

My advice to you?


Instead of buying into the manipulative, government-induced fears slow down, think clearly, use common sense and give yourself credit. Remember that bird flu virus? Remember SARS? All of the media-induced panic years ago back then? What became of them? Eventually, they all fizzled out. Stop looking for every shred of evidence that we’ll all die from the coronavirus. Use the same common sense you would use for any other flu virus. Stop looking at the news all the time to get “the latest” “up to date” whatever. It’s all designed to make everyone paranoid. Paranoia breeds fear.

Let me make something clear. I’m not suggesting we put our heads in the ground and ignore world events. It is our job to BE AWARE, not to be afraid. To keep ourselves informed is one thing. But to buy into the fear put out by the media will not serve anyone. Hysteria promotes powerlessness.

The worst thing any of us can do is start isolating ourselves from each other. We need to do the opposite. Come together and support one another. This is what our physical bodies, not to mention our souls, are meant to do. Educate one another. Keep our diets clean. Get exercise. And more importantly, harness our own powers by looking within. Connect with our essence. Meditate. Get outside in nature. Listen to our real brains, OUR HEARTS. Rely on our self-guidance. Maintaining our health physically, mentally and spiritually/energetically is of vital importance. Having peace within isn’t about isolating ourselves from a panicky world, sitting in the lotus position and humming a mantra. Self-mastery is about being amidst times like these and connecting/supporting one another while experiencing peace within.

I care about all of you.

It’s going to get whackier out there before it gets better. Don’t buy into the fear. That’s worst than the coronavirus. Give yourselves some credit and think with your Heart.

Consider this the public service announcement we should be receiving if the powers to be really did care about our well being.