Are You Dialed In?

By October 22, 2020 No Comments

Are you dialed in? Are you dialed into YouTube?……..Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Linkin, your laptop, desktop, cell phone, smart TV, the “special wristwatch, that fancy dancey fitness tracker on your wrist? Congratulations! You’re officially part of the “system”. The “web”. The “matrix”. The “Cult’s” agenda. “You’ve given the powers to be permitted to track your every move while at the same time declaring you are independent, spiritual, and thinking, “I’m my own man/woman. Nobody rules over me. I’m too clever for that to happen.”


Before I go on and make you rethink where you are in this 3D world let me state a few obvious, yet hidden, facts. Actually, not exactly hidden. Just not even looked at and more than often ignored. Ignored because no one wants to believe them. No one wants to address the elephant in the closet…THEMSELVES! No one wants to admit we’re mirrors of one another. Yet they’re as much a part of “reality” (reality=meaning living here on 3D planet earth) as the COVID MASK on your face.

For example, after watching YouTube for a short period of time have you ever noticed when you’re on that YouTube home page at least half of the videos just happen to be on subjects you’re interested in? Obviously, any data (videos) you’ve watched have become part of the ‘system’s’ statistics, and all of those ‘interesting ‘videos are on your home page as a result of those statistics. Google knows what your preferences are, selects what videos should be presented on your home page, and displays them. No, they’re not there by coincidence. And NO, not everyone else on the planet has the exact same home page as you do. Every single viewer is being targeted via whatever and however Google determines what you should be allowed to watch.

There’s also another factor that worked into the YouTube equation. However, this factor is not limited to YouTube’s manipulation. This factor is part of a grander scale.

Have you ever wondered why people keep checking their cell phones often? Why they keep them by their side? Always within reach? Scientists have determined the electromagnetic frequencies emanating from smart technology are very similar to the brainwaves that exist inside of us. They ‘correspond’ with one another. An electromagnetic drug, so to speak. The workings of these electromagnetic waves and the influence they have on one’s brain are way more complicated to explain within the body of this blog. All of this ‘smart’ technology counts in this area. All of the social media, ALL OF IT, displayed through whatever device utilizes this science to turn people into zombies. Laptops, tablets, cell phones, ‘smart’ watch, T.V.s………. keeps the brain wanting more. People go through withdrawals if they haven’t checked their cell phones often. Electromagnetically speaking your brain craves a fix. Likened to smokers needing to have another smoke to ‘sort things out’ the majority of the collective society can’t go a day, let alone several minutes, without their cell phone fix. Cell phones equal nicotine addiction. And taking this a step further they go to great lengths to make the reasons sound so trivial.

“I’ll just check my emails real quick.”

“What’s the weather going to be tonight?”

“I’ll just check in on that Skype group I’m a part of and see what’s up.”

“I wonder how my family is. I’ll go to Facebook real quick.”

“I’ll shoot a text to my dog sitter to make sure Fifi is ok.”

Any or all of the above they proceed to do so while waiting in a long line for whatever, or the coffee break at work or sneaking a peek while working, or the worst-case scenario (an epidemic of its own) driving in your car or waiting for that stoplight to turn green.

Everyone is being hypnotized. Programmed by electromagnetic waves. Everyone will defend their ‘smart’ toys no matter what. It’s as if all of these devices are the one true love in our life. This reminds me of lyrics to a song back in the ’70s or ’80s, “..love is a drug and I need some more.” In this case, all of these devices screwing with our brainwaves makes us ‘love’ them. Whenever you’re in a restaurant next time look at the family seated waiting for their meals. They’re all looking down at their phones. They’re not really connecting with one another. They’re connecting with their cell phones instead of conversations where the connection with each other really exists.

Collective society is letting anything electronically do their thinking for them without anyone realizing it. Because of their brainwaves being messed with they can’t see through the hypnotic trance. They’re so hypnotized that they’ll fight tooth and nail to deny they’re slaves of technology. Have you ever witnessed how someone (or yourself) reacts when you’ve misplaced your cell phone? You’d think it’s a life or death situation. All over an electronic device. What in the hell has happened to us?

So I ask, “Are you dialed in?”