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In conjunction with The Heart’s Path, on the last Monday of every month we offer a FREE service to the public we call Self Healing Prayer Circle. The intention of this energy service is to offer a loving platform to assist you if you have the courage and willingness to look within the divine spirit of your Heart so you may begin to heal yourself of whatever challenges you have created during this life’s journey. Whether it’s health, relationships, business, or any other challenging experiences, we believe everything is energy. You see, energy is constantly changing inside of us and outside of us, regardless of our level of awareness and religious beliefs. Your Heart’s Wisdom has come to the understanding that in order for any healing to be created one has to take the first step and take responsibility for their own energy management.

We have called together a group of Energy Practitioners trained to look at your energy field and observe any energies that could be contributing to your challenges. After your session, you may contact us and we’ll be happy to share what our group of Energy Practitioners noticed in your energy field so you can use the information to assist you in your own self-healing.

Please understand the group of Energy Practitioners who volunteer their time and expertise are not affiliated with any religious groups, cults, or organizations and are holistic nondenominational practitioners whose only purpose is to be of loving service for those in need. We are NOT “fixers”, doctors or gurus. Any knowledge shared with the participants are solely based on the Energy Practitioners’ experiences and are not scientifically proven. Any services Your Heart’s Wisdom, or The Heart’s Path, offers are designed to use as a supplement to one’s own self-healing journey.

Prayer Circles are a scheduled one-hour transmission on the LAST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH. A written follow up report of each session is provided to the participants upon request. All reports are confidential. Again, this is a FREE service.


If this is something that resonates with you please feel free to go to the contact page and send an email to register. Take the first step to take care of yourself.