Your Heart’s Wisdom

would like to help you discover your own loving and healing Heart’s energy

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Bryan Moss

Grace Integrity® Master Level II, TranCOACH Level IV Energy Clearing Training

With compassion, understanding, splashed with a sense of humor, it’s my quest to introduce others to their own loving and healing Heart’s Energy, the path to the celestial Truth and unconditional Love of our Creator.

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Energy Clearings

Grace Integrity Transmission

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Prayer Circle

Remote Energy Clearings, or in some circles known as Etheric Surgery, are individually scheduled remote energy sessions with the purpose of identifying and clearing energetic blocks in a person’s field.

Grace Integrity Transmissions are scheduled 1 hour remote sessions. The energy facilitator invokes Grace into the energy field to support one in releasing any energy blockages preventing one in experiencing their heart-consciousness.

As a certified transCoach it is my wish to provide you with the energetic information needed to aide you to better understand your own energetic dynamics and assist you on your journey.

In conjunction with The Heart’s Path, on the last Monday of every month we offer a FREE service to the public we call Self Healing Prayer Circle.

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Are You IN or OUT?

I think of some words from the opening remarks from that old 1960's Star Trek series, " boldly go where no man has gone before." Who needs outer space exploration…

“It’s all the same stuff…”

WARNING: The blog/article you are about to read is very up front and direct. If this makes you upset in any way, shape or form then that means, in the…

WON (backwards) is NOW

In the past I noticed a few things about others and then had a realization. These days one can't help but notice how everyone's "story" is more dramatic than the…
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